who we are

We are a family company.

After 20 years of experience, we have all it takes to make our clients happy.

Our expertise covers both web development, and online services in marketing and finance.

We moved our business online (and ourselves to the countryside) long before the pandemic which forced many people to work from home. 

We work remotely for all our clients and their consultants - whether they are based in Romania, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey or India or anywhere on Earth as long as they have an internet connection.

And as a bonus, we made ourselves a little heaven with trees, roses, grass and a greenhouse.



what we do

Basically, we do PHP & MySQL

Custom-made software is our stong suite. We love to make web-based sofware that is difficult for others.

We have our own proprietary platform, similar to most of the popular solutions, but more secure and - very important - more customizable.

If needed, we can adjust websites developed on other platforms.

Lately, there is an increase in punchout implementation, cXML or othewise. Yes, we can do that.

Yet what we really love to do is something challenging and new, such as inter-system implementation. Connecting a system to another system that connects to another system. This means bringing them to life.

Basically, we love to solve problems (which other developers can't).

Outside of IT, we try to have a larger view of the society we live in.






We believe in the future. 

Yes, we know corporations have values that are almost the same from Miss Universe to Star Trek's Mr. Spock: Peace and Prosperity for everybody!

Yes, peace is good, prosperity is good, but not good enough. Some of us want more.

We love all inventions and innovations. We love to invoke the future.

We love to show our clients where the future could be like, and show them the way. so they can get there faster than their competition. 

As simple as that.

our work

Since we are Romanian citizens that moved to Bulgaria, most of complex work was made for Romanian Clients. We will present here only a part of our work - either the most complex or those we particulary like.

First of all, finantaripublice.fdsc.ro

Developped for Civil Society Development Foundation, this is more than a website, it's a management system for funding applications:

  • the system administrator can define calls for funding, with specific forms for the applications
  • any organization can create an account with multiple users, and can apply for funding, fillind in the forms defined by the administrator
  • the administrators can give to some special users a role as assesors, in order to make an administrative evaluation
  • the assesor can request further claritification from the appliant if needed
  • of course, the criterias used by the assesor are defined by the administrator
  • for the projects that pass the first step, the administrator can attribute 2 special users for technical and financial evaluation
  • the evaluation is made using the criterias define by the administrator in a form
  • if needed, a third evaluator can be attributed, in order to arbiter between the first and the second
  • in the end, everybody is announced automatically if their funding request was approved or not


This is a very special client, for which we developed a standard e-shop, business to business, with options that allow defining an organisational structure, rules and rights for aquisitions, different levels of approval, different acces to sets of products for different users, budget limits and more.

Every single implementation (~150 shops) is dedicated to final client where you find many of the biggest companies in Romania or branches of big International companies. Yet, for confidentiality reasons we cannot name those companies

In many cases we made further developments in order to adapt the shop to all the final customer required.

In other cases we implemented PUNCHOUT solutions (cXML or otherwise) in order to send the purchase orders to the client's ERP. This means that we have a good understanding and experience in implementing punchout solutions - Coupa, Ariba, OCI


This project includes a set of websites with common structure like www.erasmusplus.ro, www.eurodesk.ro , www.suntsolidar.eu, www.anpcdefp.ro

  • erasmusplus.ro includes a system of event administration, events where users have deadlines to apply, where other users can have the role to evaluate the applications, very much similar to finantaripublice.fdsc.ro
  • europdesk.ro includes a syncronisation with a database of events made available by the European Comission
  • all the sites run on the same engine and have the same admin interface


This is a client for which we made three similar e-shops: www.emedez.ro, www.emedez.ro/tecnoinox and www.inoksan.ro

All shops have a common product base, but maybe the most special feature is that there are a set of special users, sellsperson, that can creat offers based o the product databse, give discounts and then export the enitre offer both in PDF and MS EXCEL

Of course, there are many other projects developed or coordinated bu us, like www.doradiceramic.ro (with a special algorithm for deivery, depending of the type of merchandise and the carrier) or www.lingurasistrachina.ro (which I like becoause of the photos that make you hungry) or www.vreautoner.ro (this one imports data using xml feeds from their providers and generates the prices automatically for a few thounsand products). Yet, we will stop here.


other interests

As told before, we look to the future, and we are working right now on a surprise project, envolving both hardware and software, with educational purposes. We will make it public when the time comes.

Still, life is not only IT. Life also means health, clean air, ecology, clean food, sun and happiness. And it also means small businesses where people work with dedication intsead of cold coprorative governance.

So, we also have two side projects, regarding agriculture.

The first is a small dairy products farm, including our own goat microfarm. This means good cheese of many sorts, perfect to enjoy with good bread and a glass of wine. Some of the recipes are already defined, some will come in time.

The second is a test of growing lemons, tangerines, oranges, kumquats in a green house in our yard in northern Bulgaria. The first orange and tangerine tasted incredible, a lot better than those in any supermarket.

Because life is about living, about taste, color, fun, love, good food, good wine.


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